I love food, animals, and pretty much everything in between. Pitchfork & Pearls is a place of appreciation for the farm as well as the table. I had quite a romantic childhood, growing up on a horse farm… enter the pitchfork, there truly never was an afternoon where I didn’t have one in my hand. My parents taught me to lead a life of fulfillment through working hard and appreciating beauty in all her forms. Pearls became my daily something special, one adornment I wear Every. Single. Day.  (Seriously) This trick made me embrace the day as a woman in charge, no matter what my outfit contains; wellies covered in muck or soft pink ballet flats! More than a food blog and less than a diary, this space is reserved for highlighting seasonal cooking, resilient farming, and a beautiful lifestyle. My hope is that the fixings you find here, dear reader, go with you on life’s adventures: to be comfortable in the kitchen, beaming at the farmers market, and glowing in your own body celebrating each move you make.

who runs the world… pearls!

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